The alliance of the three gaming specialists works again for the entertainment highlight of the year. 

The 2020 gaming spectacle Gamevasion by INSTINCT3, Rocket Beans Entertainment and us was a complete success: The communities were able to follow around 80 hours of content over five days with a selected group of influencers on the channels of HandOfBlood, Rocket Beans TV, Maxim, Trymacs and Rewinside. At its peak, 41,780 live viewers were reached simultaneously. To date, Gamevasion has totaled 90,839,028 watched minutes in both live- and VOD-evaluation. For its exceptional coverage, Gamevasion was awarded the Amber Award in the category “Best Live Stream 2020”. Building on last year’s success, we will together with Rocket Beans Entertainment and INSTINCT3 return to host a Gamevasion around gamescom in August 2021.

It is already clear that the highlights of Gamevasion 2020 will be continued in 2021. These include the “Championships”, an entertainment show in which competitors have to prove their gaming skills in digital and analog games. Also planned is the city duel “Hamburg vs. Spandau”, in which the teams at the Gamevasion locations will play in various video game battles for the gamer’s crown. Of course, some familiar faces from Rocket Beans, INSTINCT3 and Freaks 4U Gaming will be part of the lineup again, with Gamevasion promising to be a spectator-strong event with high reach as well as suitable integration opportunities for cooperation partners.

Everyone involved is of course in agreement that Gamevasion 2021 will not be a simple repetition, but an even more successful event than last year. Rocket Beans, INSTINCT3 and Freaks 4U Gaming are experts in combining gaming and entertainment in an irresistible way. Building on these pillars, Gamevasion will offer a colorful mix of shows, Let’s Plays and news from the gaming industry that viewers can look forward to.

Michael Haenisch, CEO Freaks 4U Gaming: With Gamevasion 2020, we were able to set new standards for digital productions in German-speaking regions and beyond, and we are therefore heading into the next stage of this successful idea with pride. We can say with certainty that Gamevasion 2021 will also deliver a quality production that brings community and partners together in a truly unique way.

Hendrik Ruhe, CEO INSTINCT3: “Gamevasion 2020 was a project that one could only wish for as a media company. We were able to bring together brilliant companies and produce extraordinary content. As soon as the last minute of the broadcast passed, we knew we had to do it again. Now it’s clear: We’re going to do it again. And we’re fired up for it!”

Arno Heinisch, CEO Rocket Beans Entertainment: “The outstanding feedback from our communities on Gamevasion 2020 left no other conclusion than to implement this project in 2021 as well! We are very much looking forward to work with our colleagues from Freaks 4U Gaming and INSTINCT3 again, because the fact that we were able to create such a great end product was based on the fruitful and terrific collaboration in front of and behind the scenes.”

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