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Freaks 4U Gaming has produced some of the most vital and vibrant gaming and esports communities in the industry. Each community brand not only boasts a popular website which includes a wide portfolio of features, but also produces other products such as online broadcasts, tournaments and merchandising. 

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99Damage is the number one voice in German Counter-Strike.

Whether it’s for esports coverage, community discussions, live broadcasts or community tournaments – German CS:GO fans know where to go.

The in-house community league, “99Liga”, is the biggest esports league in the world, having featured over 35,000 individual matches and counting.

Summoner’s Inn

There is no bigger League of Legends portal in Germany than Summoner’s Inn.

It is the officially licensed German broadcaster for all related tournaments, and is home to the scene’s most relevant influencers, such as HandOfBlood and Maxim.

Due to its close personal ties with the influencer scene, Summoner’s Inn offers unique products such as “King of Spandau”, a community tournament where the winners face off against their favourite influencers.



When it comes to French broadcasts of the most relevant tournaments in Counter-Strike, there is no way around 1PV.

Just like its sibling 99Damage, 1PV boasts the most popular lineup of on-air talent for its respective region.

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