Gamevasion program records 86.131.740 Watched minutes in five days
The alliance of Freaks 4U Gaming GmbH, INSTINCT3 and Rocket Beans Entertainment draws to a close with a positive wrap up to the fair.

Hamburg, 03.09.2020 – What a spectacular show! Running between the 26th of August to the 30th. The Gamevasion offered a diverse mix of entertainment, wild gaming battles and substantial gamescom coverage. At its peak, 41.780 live viewers followed the show on Rocket Beans TV, HandofBlood, Trymacs, Rewinside and Maxims’ channels. Up to this point, the Gamevasion reached 86.131.740 watched minutes across the livestreams and VODs on Twitch and YouTube.Seven million impressions were counted across the event on the Gamevasion social media channels as well as on their influencers’ social media channels.

“Prime Time gamescom” gave daily updates on the latest gamescom news: discussions about game trailers (e.g. Mafia: Definitive Edition and Dirt 5), next-gen consoles (Xbox Series X vs. Playstation 5) and gamescom-related events like the gamescom opening night live and Awesome Indies, where the hosts proved their gaming expertise. The highlight of the Gamevasion was the “Championships”. A three hour long entertainment show – in no way inferior to classic TV productions – in which Simon Krätschmer, HandofBlood, Rewinside and Maxim had to prove their skills in 10 different analog and digital games.

The Gamevasion production, based in Hamburg as well as in Berlin, marks a milestone in the company histories of INSTINCT3, Rocket Beans TV and Freaks 4U Gaming. Around 80 hours of content were produced on 16 different sets. Approximately 200 employees were involved in the planning and realisation of the event. The managing directors and teams of the three companies were overwhelmed by the enthusiastic feedback from their communities and co-operation partners on the five-day long program and in the end the innovative collaboration has been a huge sucess.

Arno Heinisch, CEO Rocket Beans Entertainment: “The Gamevasion was amazing! Our teams have grown closer day by day, we’ve noticed and implemented the feedback from our communities and thus tried to deliver the best event around gamescom 2020. I think we succeded. I look forward to further collaborations with INSTINCT3 and Freaks 4U Gaming!”

Michael Haenisch, CEO Freaks 4U Gaming GmbH: “If it’s digital then do it right! Together with Rocket Beans and INSTINCT3, we realized a incredibly complex production, technically and editorially wise, from our studios in Hamburg and Berlin for gamescom. The excellent audience numbers and the great feedback from the audience show that this production was a success!”

Hendrik Ruhe, CEO INSTINCT3 GmbH: “From the hard work of almost 200 employees from all three companies, one of the highest quality shows our company has ever worked on was created. The numbers as well as the audience feedback allows us to conclude that the Gamevasion was a huge success. To all the gamers out there who have been so disciplined and determined in the times of the on going and resurgent pandemic: This show was for you!”

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