BERLIN, November 1, 2021 – Freaks 4U Gaming, a global full-service agency specializing in gaming and esports, joins Diversity in Esports (DivE), the official tournament organizer of Riot Games’s VCT Game Changers Series EMEA, in tournament broadcast production to promote women within VALORANT esports, as well as championing the company’s mission of creating an inclusive, well-represented gaming community.

First introduced in February 2021 by Riot Games, VCT Game Changers is a new initiative in the competitive season to create opportunities and exposure for women within VALORANT esports, as part of the publisher’s efforts in building a more inclusive VALORANT Champions Tour representative of its diverse and global community. Following the successful launch in North America earlier this year, Riot Games announced VCT Game Changers EMEA, consisting of three tournaments from September 27 to November 21, 2021, and has partnered with tournament organizer DivE.

Established in July 2021 by Women in Games France Esports active members, DivE is a non-profit association working towards promoting and increasing gender diversity in esports. Together with its partners, DivE organizes tournaments for various game titles focusing on the goal of supporting women. To build alliance and rally support amongst key industry stakeholders, DivE has invited Freaks 4U Gaming as a contributing partner to collaborate and realize  the VCT Game Changers EMEA together. In addition to planning and managing the series’ broadcast production, Freaks 4U Gaming will give to the cause by offering its crew for more than 30 production hours, supporting DivE through delivery of high-quality production that is up to par with the competitive season.

“Freaks 4U Gaming commends DivE for spearheading the important cause of gender diversity in esports and we are incredibly proud to take part in this movement supporting both Riot Games and DivE,” said Matthias Remmert, Senior Vice President of Product, TV and Media Production,  Freaks 4U Gaming. “Inclusion is and has always been part of our DNA shaping our company culture. Whether it’s our gender identity, sexual orientation, cultural background or gaming preference, we embrace and celebrate both our commonalities and differences. Because Freaks has built a diverse community for ourselves, it is our responsibility to pay it forward by supporting representation of women within our ecosystem and helping the industry evolve.”

“We couldn’t be more proud about our first achievements this year. It’s awesome seeing these women competing on such a high level and vocalizing their dedication and positive experience publicly. With DivE as the experienced diversity tournament organizer and Freaks 4U Gaming, our long-term partner for high-quality broadcasts and production, we have set up the perfect team to support women in esports and create safe spaces to shine! We are very excited to go on this journey together.” said Vera Wienken, Brand Manager at Riot Games.

“A close and direct work with the communities, paired with a strong focus on high quality production and visibility, are key to ensure a safer and better environment for women and encourage everyone to be part of the game changers. We truly believe in allying our efforts and forces to thrive the representation of women players on VALORANT and more generally in esports.” said Servane Fischer, President of DivE.

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