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Riot Games, publisher of League of Legends — the world’s most popular esports title — sought to establish a tournament series that would shake up the German esports scene and give it relevance and prestige. The Berlin event was to set the standard for the entire Premier Tour series. The mission was to draw huge crowds with riveting live events, in order to celebrate the game in a stadium atmosphere — all the while maintaining a perfect, seamless experience for players, visitors and viewers on stream. 

We built on our experience of organizing The Main in 2015 to raise the bar for German League of Legends events. Acting as a full-service provider, nearly every department was involved in the various stages of planning and execution — a true team effort.  

  • Event Management: initial planning, venue, coordination of contractors; 
  • Design: stage design and production assets; 
  • Product Management: planning, production, programming; 
  • Media Production: production and broadcasting; 
  • Talents & Influencers: hosting, casting, analysts – all done by homegrown, in-house talents; 
  • Digital Media Production: additional and supplementary content; 
  • IT & Logistics: tech infrastructure, support and troubleshooting, logistics; 
  • Tournament Management: administrators, referees, coordination of participating teams; 
  • Social Media & Community Management, Public Relations: communication and activation of content on Freaks 4U Gaming channels. 

Even though the event had to be realized over a short period of time, it was a huge success. There wasn’t an empty chair in the house, with the venue being completely sold out. With 2000 visitors, it was the biggest League of Legends event in the DACH region in 2018.