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Since its inception, Red Bull has always been at the forefront of innovative, boundary-breaking physical challenges — both in the sporting world and outside it. Becoming a huge name in esports — the fastest growing competitive industry of the last 20 years — has made absolute sense for the brand.  

To determine the best possible activation within Red Bull’s worldwide network, we combined our efforts into a unified global content strategy and consultancy service for the German market. These ranged from small-scale offline events to influencer campaigns and targeted online campaigns.  

Content Marketing
Conceiving and creating editorial and video content for Red Bull’s German esports vertical as well as Red Bull Media House meant careful analysis of the values and communication style that the brand adheres to as well as a deep and intimate understanding of the esports market. Since beginning in 2014, each individual piece of content needed to be relevant to the core esports audience as well as being uniquely “Red Bull”. This meant heavily emphasizing the established voice in a way that was both passionate and exciting for consumers. 

Stats Of Doom 
Activating our diverse group of in-house influencers meant we were in the unique position to be able to leverage the League of Legends community in a way that would see them engaging directly with the brand. Influencers set challenges within the game for fans to complete on a dedicated landing page. Those fans who completed the challenge were eligible to win fabulous prizes which we supplied them with ourselves. 

Featuring 36 countries, the Red Bull M.E.O by ESL is a global opportunity to compete against the best Clash Royale players in the world with the grand finals being held in Germany in 2019. Together with ESL we are responsible for the entire communication strategy and activation of the fans so they are aware of their chance to be crowned the best in the world. 

To make sure the Red Bull values of giving their consumers wings were upheld we pioneered a year long education platform. Red Bull Upgreat helped amateur talent upgrade skills and get coached and trained by icons of the industry.