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Professional esports athletes regularly compete in the thriving tournament scene with millions of viewers per competitive match, activating those viewers beyond passive consumption is something almost every brand associated with gaming is interested in and gaming hardware icons ROG were no exception.  

Esports fans want to feel like they’re part of the action and since the industry doesn’t fall into the category of traditional competitive sports, a traditional approach to tournament organizing was never going to work. Instead, if ROG wanted to create something memorable and true to their brand’s spirit, an expansive vision had to manifest which would include the biggest esports markets of the Americas, APAC, EMEA and China as well as a grand final that lifted fans right up into the action. 

Utilizing our deep understanding of tournament and event coordination allowed us to encompass all intended markets as well as crafting something memorable for fans. We also extended our efforts to creating an entire storytelling campaign wherein the players themselves were put in the spotlight thanks to individual video profiles. These gave fans a story to follow, a tighter reason to engage with the tournament and established ROG as a brand that elevates and shines a light on talent. This was supplemented with additional website content, ad-buy and public relations services too. More than 60 regional online qualifiers were held across the world that eventually culminated in a spectacular live grand final which offered a prize pool of over 500,000 USD and boasted the most exciting aspect of the tournament for the fans; a chance for grass-roots “amateur” players to compete against each other and to face off against the best professional teams in the industry. The winning players were offered a shot in the overall grand final and impressive prize money.