No-one can dispute AMD’s stake in the global tech market. The industry stalwart has managed to make its mark, lead the charge and change the industry forever. When it came to video games and the players themselves, AMD was ready to take this lead even further with a piece of hardware that would change the face of gaming. Enter AMD’s RYZEN CPU, the brand’s definitive take on an essential component of gaming hardware, and a gigantic leap forward in performance. With a unique new microarchitecture, the product had the necessary heft under the hood.

It was clear from the get-go that RYZEN was going to be something gamers needed to get their hands on, and our task was to make sure that they understood that fact — wherever they were based. We needed to convey the significance and the power of the RYZEN in a way that was universally understood.  

For our dedicated influencer campaign, we needed a dual-pronged approach. Our two pillars were our diverse group of influencers and our extensive social media network. We aimed to show gamers a way in which they could personally connect with the new product, and so influencers, streamers and YouTube stars were activated to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience. After applying via our custom-built online portal and participating in our social media campaign, gamers had the chance to receive a home visit from a popular star, who would coach them in the ways of gaming — all powered by RYZEN set-ups.  

We diversified our rewards by taking into account the gamer’s preference when it came to streaming. Icons such as LeFloid visited and coached YouTube content creators, while gamers themselves had the chance to meet streaming sensation Jelly for a one-on-one session. For each of our activated influencers we arranged all licensing and negotiations and produced top-quality video content.  

However, it wasn’t enough to just create incredible content to which gamers and fans could connect. We needed to spread the word, so we used our expertise in international, region-specific marketing and created ad material that could sustainably be used in different regions. Creating custom content with the influencers meant we were able to use different stars, styles and tones to perfectly tailor the campaign to the regions specified. Region-specific marketers were then able to take our assets and direct the same level of focus and professionalism in conveying the message of the product to their own locales, all under the same unifying theme and branding as that which we had originally created.