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When a titan like Amazon looks to establish themselves within the gaming community, it’s important to do it in exactly the right way, in keeping with the brand’s values and playful, pioneering spirit. Amazon is ready to make its name in the gaming scene in a big way with a vision towards hardware and software titles of their very own.

A behemoth brand like Amazon doesn’t do things halfheartedly so a big splash was required to fully cement the world’s biggest retailer in the world’s fastest growing entertainment scene. Gamescom 2017 saw us showcase Amazon’s latest software title which demanded top of the line production value and the same streamlined experience that users expect from a celebrated brand like Amazon. Similarly, the booth at Dreamhack 2017 allowed visitors to the booth to test out their dream PC build right there on the con floor.  

For 2018, it was time to apply the innovation consistent in Amazon’s usual methodology to their con floor presence, this meant it was time to grab DreamHack and gamescom by the balls… with a giant, adult-size ball pit. Visitors to Amazon’s glossy, custom built 2018 booths were able to carpe their own diem by searching for incredible prizes beneath the surface of the branded ball pit. Despite the fun and exciting nature of the events, we never lost sight of maintaining the values that caused Amazon to trust us with their con presence in the first place: high quality, direct interaction and positive association with an incredible brand.