BERLIN, March 10, 2022 – The team at Freaks 4U Gaming is following the Russian invasion of Ukraine with deepest sorrow, as many of us have family, friends or business associates in the region who are directly affected and from witnessing the atrocity of war. We condemn the war in Ukraine and stand in solidarity for a peaceful resolution, and in response formulated an immediate plan of actions.

We are supporting the humanitarian relief in Ukraine by donating a total of 20,000 EUR, including 10,000 EUR to the Red Cross emergency aid of Ukraine and 10,000 EUR to the German emergency aid of Ukraine of Aktion Deutschland Hilft. Together with our employees and partners, we will continue to support and organize fundraisers for Ukraine.

The company provides additional paid leave to employees affected by the Ukraine invasion, additional paid leave will also be provided to those who wish to volunteer for humanitarian efforts for Ukraine.

We have made the decision to decline new business opportunities in Russia or Belarus, meaning any business conducted in or for companies in these markets. Existing contractual agreements will be fulfilled, unless otherwise agreed upon with our clients and is subject to current and future sanctions.

Players from Russia or Belarus are allowed to continue to compete for teams from other countries. While there is no Russian or Belarusian esports team in our ongoing competitions, we are in discussion with our partners regarding participation of Russian and Belarusian teams in future competitions and will announce new regulations shortly.

We will continue to follow the development of the situation and take further measures if necessary.