The entertainment spectacle to take place December 15 – 18 for the first time digitally and on live stage.

BERLIN, August 10, 2022 – Following the much-celebrated Gamevasion 2020 and 2021, created by Freaks 4U Gaming, Rocket Beans and INSTINCT3 with top influencers in the DACH region setting new standards for creative content, the third iteration is set to return in December 2022 at DreamHack Hannover, from December 15 to 18.

With a proven track record of success and strong community support – a peak concurrent viewership of 44,000 and over 27 million impressions across social media platforms including TikTok, Instagram and Twitter in 2021 – Freaks 4U Gaming and Rocket Beans will further elevate Gamevasion 2022’s content and production by going live on the festival stage at DreamHack, the leading gaming lifestyle experience. With successfully established formats of entertaining and gaming content as well as production expertise as its basis, the new format of stage production and digital broadcast of Gamevasion 2022 will see more possibilities in terms of community engagement and content creation, in addition to more options for authentic and innovative partner integration. Freaks 4U Gaming and Rocket Beans aim to enhance online and offline audience experience and widen the overall reach and growth of Gamevasion.

Michael Haenisch, CEO of Freaks 4U Gaming: “Finally, events again! As organizer of DreamHack Hannover, we are excited to anchor our joint collaboration Gamevasion with Rocket Beans at DreamHack Hannover this year, especially after the two-year break for DreamHack festival in Germany. In addition to the LAN party area, various esport tournaments, creators hub and many other great offers, DreamHack Hannover provides the perfect platform to present another absolute program highlight. DreamHack and Gamevasion will complement each other wonderfully and create exciting and certainly fun moments for all visitors onsite as well as in front of the screens.”

Arno Heinisch, CEO of Rocket Beans Entertainment: “Our community and us are hot for Gamevasion 2022! The fact that we can implement it this year as part of DreamHack Hannover and celebrate it together takes the event to a new level. It’s great that we can continue the successful cooperation from previous years and present the gaming world with an absolute entertainment highlight at the end of the year.”